Nondo Marine COLLAGEN 15 Sachets

Nondo Marine COLLAGEN 15 Sachets

Nondo Marine COLLAGEN

Marine Collagen, one of the most popular nutritional supplements of recent years, is 100% pure collagen proteins obtained from sea creatures. It is generally obtained by decomposing the collagen-rich tissues of fish.

It dissolves quickly in water, has a largely neutral taste and odour; It offers a light taste.

All areas in the body that need collagen, especially the skin; It is an effective supplement that can also be used by joints, bones and connective tissues:

Although 8 weeks of regular use may be sufficient for it to be effective on the skin, it is recommended to be used for a longer period of time by people who need health-related use and serious collagen needs.

Box Content: 15  Sachets


Hydrolized Collagen         5000mg

Vitamin C         150mg

Biotin         5000 μg

Hyaluronic Acid         25mg


It is recommended to take 1 sachet per day by dissolving it in 1 glass of water (250ml).